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A person smiling in a button up shirt looking away from the camera. A bookshelf in the background.

Hey y'all!

I'm Nolan Wood and I'm the founder and owner of Wood Coffee Co, cat dad to Rupert (you can find him in the logo from time to time), lover of drag shows and a good road trip and a (possibly excessive) record collector.

My earliest memory of coffee traces back to being a kid, hanging out in my grandmothers kitchen, pouring milk and sugar in to the coffee my grandmother made for me (that I’m almost certain was decaf) until it no longer tasted like coffee. Fast forward to 2008 and to 17 year old me getting my first job at a coffee shop; where I learned to love coffee, not only for the flavor and story of it’s journey, but for the connections it’s helped me craft.

Here we are now in 2021 and I find myself just as passionate about coffee and ready to share it in my own unique way. The seed is only just now being planted, but I hope you stick around to watch it blossom in to the tree I’ve always imagined. I’m here, I’m queer and looking forward to what’s in store!

The main company logo saying "WOOD" with a cat photo in the background.
A group of people sitting on chairs outside enjoying coffee and laughing together. Books on a table.
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