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ceramic mug with coffee, two friends drinking coffee together

Coffee Co.

Plant Based, Queer Owned

Coffee Shop in LBC

What is Wood Coffee Co. all about?

We are here to support and uplift marginalized communities through networking and collaboration (and coffee, duh). Our goal is to provide a space for all while prioritizing a haven for the LGBTQ+ community. Coffee is our beginning but our hope is to evolve the space into something more than a coffee shop through hard work and listening to the wants and needs of the community.

Wood Coffee Co Logo, Rupert the Cat

What's the big deal about coffee anyways?

Our founder, Nolan Wood, got his first job in a coffee shop when he was just 17. It was there that he learned to love coffee, not only for the flavor and story of it’s journey, but for the connections it helps so many different people craft. Here we are now in 2021 and we find ourselves just as passionate about coffee and ready to share it in our own unique way. The seed is only just now being planted, but we hope you stick around to watch it blossom into the tree we’ve always imagined.

Why plants?

We are a plant based cafe designed to bring you all things in their most natural form. Just like coffee is a plant grown in the earth's soil, we believe that we can utilize the plethora of other natural resources provided by the earth to create and craft a natural experience for all. Whether it be from farm to table or farm to cup; we want to ensure people are able to come to one place to find it all.

Landing on the iconic Rose Park District of Long Beach:

A city with a unique, inclusive identity, the community support of a small town, the population of a big city and a place that is full of that easygoing energy that Californians are known for. We are tucked in the Rose Park neighborhood, where coffee shops are plentiful and we hope to add an additional feeling of the unique small business flare that Long Beach is built off of.

Friends drinking coffee and cheersing their glasses
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